Resolving Issues in Your Facebook account  Identifying the Problems and the Remedial Steps

Operating a Facebook account is not like flying a Boeing jetliner. A fairly easy interface and the simple and straightforward procedure makes it possible for you to open and use the account, inside few minutes. There is no technicality involved and almost one person in ten is an active Facebook user. 


No matter what,  you will still have some trouble. The problems stem from your inability to understand the crux of the matter. For instance, Facebook is a great social networking platform. But there are moments when you prefer a few moments of anonymity. 


Facebook does surely have its share of issues and some of these are being listed below:-


•Unable to hide your Facebook post, which is always annoying

•Having problem promoting your business page on Facebook

•Problems related to uploading photos 

•Fixing DNA feature and other account related issues


The issues discussed above are not of a critical nature. But if you do fail to take adequate measures, it might be of some concern. However, if you follow and implement the guidelines, there is no looking back. You are more in control of the events and this always benefits you in the long run. 


Issue#1- Unable to Hide Facebook Post  What needs to be done then? 


If for any reason you are unable to hide Facebook posts , it might be more of a localized issue. Well, the issue can be dealt with, for which:-


•You need to login to your Facebook account.

•Click on the drop-down arrow on the top right of the screen 

•Select Settings

•Click  on the Privacy option in the left menu 

•Now hide your posts that appear on your timeline

•Click Save 


By implementing the above-mentioned steps, you will now be in a position to hide your posts from your friends. 


Issue#2- Unable to Promote Business on Facebook- Here’s what you can do  


Being an entrepreneur, it is difficult to shell out huge money on advertising. But with Facebook, you can create a business page to expand your reach, without incurring any extra cost. However, if you are unable to promote business on Facebook , it must be due to some mistakes. To resolve:-


•You must make it a point to share relevant content

•Always upload a photo, link or video with the post to make it more credible

•You can cross promote across different formats

•Make it a point to increase your fan base


Issue#3Have Problem Uploading Photos to Facebook  Steps you can take  


If you have problems uploading photos to Facebook , there are a  few reasons, which needs to be looked into. However, on taking the remedial steps, you will clearly find a way out.


•Regularly update the browser along with adobe flash

•If the photos are not within the recommended size ( 15MB to be precise), uploading the same will be a problem then. Always insist on using the format  prescribed by Facebook

•In case, the image violates the guidelines specified by Facebook, you will face problems


Issue #4-  What is the Best Way to Fix DNS Feature on Facebook? 


All of a sudden, you are getting DNS error, which might be confusing. But there is a way to fix DNA feature on Facebook . For this reason: -


•You can update the network adapter 

•Check if your network connection is slow. Once the network connection is strong enough, you can access the Facebook account with considerable ease

•Also, check  your Privacy and Zone settings


The Facebook DNS issues are a thing of the past now. If you do face this issue on a regular basis, the best thing for you then would be to switch to another faster machine. 


Issue#5- How to Fix Facebook Account Related issues?  


In order to fix Facebook account related issues , there are some steps that might be of some assistance. To do so: - 


•Look for the browser cache files and clean it 

•Also ensure to delete the History, cookies along with temporary files

•You must be using a proxy server that is showing error. Disable the proxy server, in order to get things moving. 


Is it possible to fix all of these at once?  


Yes, fixing all these common issues is possible. FB Inc does provide you with the steps that can help you to resolve the problems. But following the same and implementing it to sort out the problems happens to be a bit complicated. There is another way out. Since there is no official Facebook tech support toll-free number  to discuss the many problems, you can approach one of the online experts, who has the tools to help you out. 


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